Dec 3rd, post 1

Sitting here at my hotel room, getting ready to head over to the venue in a few minutes. Let's have some fun here... Here is a challenge for you guys. As you probably know by now, tonight is the second night here in Oslo, Norway. As always, when Metallica plays two nights in the same town, the setlist normally changes around a little bit too. Now here is the challenge, I want YOU to try to figure out the setlist for tonights show! Can YOU already figure out what goes on inside Lars, James, Kirk and Robs head?Start posting on the boards which setlist you think they will be playing tonight. Remember you can only suggest one setlist, and no editing please. And whoever wins, will get an honerary mentioning here on MetOnTour, WOHOOO! Contest ends when the band hits the stage.Gotta run...MOT