nov 29 post 2

So that was fun right? The guys finished rehearsing for the night about an hour ago. They were talking about how cool it was to hang out again and jam, especially on these tunes. Lars looked over at Rob and said "Man, I see something special in your eyes when you play these songs." And of course, did we not hear some new riffs too, ahhhhhhh, you know these guys.... they just come up with new shit all the time.Tomorrow, the boys will have a little more rehearsal for breakfast before jumping on their flight to Europe. Just to make sure that we do not miss ANY of these extremely exciting rehearsals, we have yet again "hired" the MetOnTour Intern. Myself, I will catch an early flight to make sure we don't miss anything of the extremely exciting arrival in Oslo, Norway. Stay tuned for the Intern tomorrow. I'll catch up with you guys in Oslo... MOT