Nov 15th - post 1

Nov 15, 3:05 PM Japan time. Last check in from Japan. Found a nice wireless connection and thought I would give you guys the latest scoop. There is actually no real scoop, except that today will be a long, long travel day. Took a bus from the hotel to the train station, then jumped on a train, then on another bus, and now here we are at the airport for a 10 hour long flight to Los Angeles. When we get there we will go straight to do some load in and other fun stuff. But you know what, IT'S ALL GOOD. Everyone including band & crew had a blast in Japan. The shows were fun, the setlists were fun (right??) and the Japanese people were awesome. Can't wait to come back here one day.The video that you guys requested, The Unnamed Feeling, should be up a few days after the AMA's. I got some great stuff from that day, including some very wise (?) words from our favorite Dane. Time to roll, I will catch up with you guys when I get to Los Angeles. Sayonara!