Nov 12 - post 1

Hey everyone, MOT checking in with you from Osaka, Japan, on a day off. The crew took a flight from Tokyo earlier today and when they arrived the Japanese promotor decided to take us out for dinner. We were around 30 people plus the local crew. Lots of fun, lots of Sushi, lots of amazing, amazing food. Thank you!Latest news from the band world is that they are still in Tokyo and will be here tomorrow afternoon. Rob woke up around 6am this morning to check out the local waves. The surf was not too big but Rob was stoked that he got to surf in Japan, for the first time in his life. Thanks to everyone that participated in our exclusive poll, "pick the video we will post on MetOnTour". Looks like we will have an Unnamed video coming up. Thanks for the great feedback, I am happy you guys are into it...Let's do it again soon :) Catch up with you all in the Osaka AM, show coming up.