nov 5 post 1

Thanks MOT Intern, good job covering the rehearsals...Here I am, at the Yoyogi Taiikukan, the venue Metallica will be playing at tomorrow. The crew is working on setting up the stage and to get everything prepared for the boys arrival. When you have a tour in Japan, the crew is much smaller than, for example, Summer Sanitarium. I was looking through the itinerary and I think there are less than 40 people, compared to close to 250 on the Summer Sanitarium! We also have some new faces on this tour, and some old, old faces :) You will get to see them all as time goes by...We always have a great time in Japan. There are soo many people living here in Tokyo, and people are soo friendly and polite. They are always willing to help you out, and welcome you in to their family. And let's not even start talking about the food...YUM YUM. Tonight we will have crew rehearsals and we don't expect the band to show up. Pics on the way....MOTSan