oct 23 post 1

We're really sorry we've kept you hanging over the last few days. Here's the real deal - we've been going non-stop for the last 18 months with recording 'St. Anger', press, touring, and all the stuff that goes with that, and honestly, we're fried. To top it off, Lars has a rotator cuff injury that dates back to the 'Black' album touring days and it's flared up again in the last couple of weeks. So unfortunately we will have to miss out on touring in South America. Big time apologies go out to our friends in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and all of you who were planning to travel there. We know we've been unusually quiet, but before we announced anything, we wanted to make sure that we would 100% be able to keep our commitment to our Japanese friends. We are really psyched that with the extra rest and treatment that Lars and everyone else will get over the next few weeks, we will now be able to head over to Japan as scheduled. Thanks for all your concerns and well wishes while we sorted this all out. We'll be back on the road soon.