Aug 29 - post 2

"We had soo much fun up there, this was amazing", said Kirk right after the show. What was originally thought to be a "fun" show turned out to be an AMAZING fucking show. The crowd had swirls of mosh pits goig and it would not stop. Right before the guys walked on stage, I was up in the dressing room as they were discussing the setlist. Songs were added and dismissed. I think by looking at the setlist, they made a very good choice. Also, compared to yesterday's MTV crowd, this crowd was the complete opposite. :) They might have played for millions of people yesterday, but tonight they were more excited than I have seen them in a long time. The band will have a few weeks off before they head off to South America. I will try to make sure you guys have a few videos up from this tour before then. I will still keep you updated on what goes on in the Metallica world.