Aug 28 - post 1

Ok, ok, get this...Metallica playing a fucking medley of MTV hits? Which songs? How about a medley of Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, White Stripes and Michael Jackson songs? You better check it out, if you have not already! After the show Lars, Kirk and Rob went to a VMA after party. Pretty much everyone from the show was there. I must send out a personal FUCK YEAH to Ben Stiller that went way out of his way to come over and say hi to our boys! He came over by himself, no body guard, no entourage...HUGE RESPECT BEN! He told me he his a fan of Metallica! I must say that we are all big fans of Ben Stiller too! A fucking club show tomorrow...500 people in the crowd? Tune in again tomorrow for some more fun!