Aug 15 - post 2

Welcome to sunny California...uhhh, I mean welcome to rainy Austria. Sitting on the tourbus, looking out the window and it is pouring down here in Salzburg, Austria. Hopefully the weather will get better as the day goes on. Metallica is scheduled to hit the stage at 11:00pm, late show. A few of the other acts on the bill today are Placebo, Beck and Alien Ant Farm. The festival is called Frequency Festival. We have two stages here and Metallica is on the main stage. Othen than that there is not too much to report. I am uploading a new video right now, not telling you which one yet, you have to wait and see. The connection is not too fast here so it will take another 2 hours or so. Pics are up, talk to you all in a bit...MOT