Aug 4 - post 1

Just arrived in Salt Lake City, and I'm sitting in my room remembering the AMAZING day everyone had in Dallas, TX... I am sure James feels the same. Remember, it was the man's birthday, the big 40, and what a b'day it was for the man. First of all he got cakes from everyone during the day, and then of course, he got MAJORLY pied during the last song. BUT the celebration was far from over...Our birthday boy thought that he was going to have a quiet dinner after the show with his wife. He also thought that the other band guys were on their way to San Francisco for a few days off. Even on the daily "band memo" it said that Lars, Kirk and Rob were leaving the venue after the show to jump on a late flight. Said and done, Lars & co left about 20 minutes after the show and told James "Enjoy your time off, see you in a few days". Well, their destination was not the airport, but a FULL ON Gaming-Heaven-Zone, complete with all kinds of games from all over the world. Then, on top of all that, they had gocarts; no, not your regular gocarts, but some fast motherf*. Add some mini mini-drag racing cars, and there was some serious SPEED to be found. Talk about a bunch of kids in a candy store! Thanks James, this was definitely the best day on this tour so far, and I don't even know how this one will be topped, but I am sure someone will try when the big 50 comes up...right?PS: Of course it would not be right without another cake being offered :)