June 21 - post 3

Quick check in with ya. According to the setlist, we have 3 more songs to go here in Barcelona, Spain. Metallica opened with Battery and immediately tore into Puppets. And you wonder why that is special? Here is a funny story for you... Earlier today during the Meet & Greet with the Clubberz this guy comes up to Lars and says "You should open up with Battery", Lars then goes "And then what?", the guy then says "Puppets." "We will do it for YOU my friend"... and all was said and done, a few hours later. You know who you are, lucky clubber!!! :-) So next time you meet Lars & the guys tell them to open up with Dyers Eve, right?? I just realized how fucking fun it is to be on tour again, even though I get yelled a few times per day by Lars "Where the fuck is the new video on MetOnTour?," then trying to explain to him that there is no way to get them uploaded using dialup at the venue. Half way through my reply to him, he loses interest and just does not care what my "excuse" is... trust me Lars, I want to get a video up as much as you do, if not even more. It is not fun staying up until 5:30 in the morning to finish up the video, to then have to wait a fucking week to upload it... Anyway, like I said being back on tour is FUCKING GREAT... I guess I am getting tired, too much Swedish babbling going on... and the gig is not even finished... Laterz.... MOT