June 13 - post 4

Wow...Back at the hotel again, we sure did FLY out of Italy after the show. Going to the show was an amazing experience. The band were greeted by Italian Police at the airport for an escort to the venue. I have not been that scared in a loong time....I was in the car with Rob and he kept on saying "This is just like a video game, flying down the road, welcome to the Imola video game, ", it was very surreal. We had two police men on motorbikes,waving away cars to the side so we could come through. I did manage to record it on video so maybe I share it with you guys one day...The show was awesome in Imola, the crowd was LOUD. After the show on the plane I sat down with the guys to get their comments. I will be working to get some of that stuff for you soon. Tomorrow, at least for the band guys, is a day off, next gig is on Sunday in Nijmegan, Holland. On a side note, for the past few days here in Paris, our guys have been hanging out with the guys from AUDIOSLAVE. Then when we checked out of our hotel this morning both bands met up in the lobby. As James said to me "we should get a picture of this"...good idea James.