June 11 post 5

Tonight was a busy night in Paris for Rock fans. There were three "big" shows tonight, Audioslave, Queens Of The Stone Age and METALLICA. Actually, the Audioslave & Metallica shows were almost next door to eachother. On my way to the 3rd Paris show I was in a cab looking for the gig. My driver spoke no English and I no French. After being lost for a while I saw a sea of black t-shirts and I knew I was in the right place. The venue was Le Trabendo and we had 700 people in the crowd. It was completely packed, but still not as sweaty as gig #2. It was great to hear/see the setlist being changed once again. So will we ever see Metallica do three shows in one day again? Don't count on it...It was a great experience and the guys were extremly stoked afterwards, that they were still alive, and felt mighty fucking good.Tomorrow is a day off, next show is on Friday, June 13th in Imola, Italy. Setlist & pics are up...MOT