June 11 post 4

Look, it's 1.40am right now, and we've just come back from the THIRD loud, sweaty gig in a day. So details? Ah hell, gimme a break can ya, will ya? I'll get some to you in the morning, but in the meanwhile some thoughts.1) These guys must be fitter than THEY think. It was like three saunas today.2) Lars must have the heart of sixteen horses...the last song of the night at Le Trabendo was 'Motorbreath'...err, how-did-he-do-it?3) And James, Kirk and Rob must have the hearts of sixteen horses also come to think of it!4) They were STILL SMILING AT THE END despite being veeeeery tired.5) If James speaks to anyone tommorrow I'll be shocked, as his voice must be FRIED!6) Metallica's roadcrew are incredible. No, really, think about it. Three gigs, three set-ups and breakdowns, nearly a 24 hour day of solid, HARD VERK!7) The audiences were awesome, super loud, super sweaty and ready to sing up and help out when asked by James.8) I've suddenly realized that 'Enter Sandman' is this band's 'Hells Bells' or Guns'n'Roses' 'Paradise City'. No, I'm NOT STUPID, what I'm saying is that it is a truely immortal classic which never, ever ages. Rare these days.9) Rob is prepared to let his hair fly in the face of, err, his eyes? Seriously, this dude must have the most gnarly knottage post-show, so multiply that by three and give him some extra props!10) When he's tired, a little stubbly, a whole lot sweaty and dialed in live and direct to that deft combination of sarcasm, concentration and delivery, Lars is still wholly endearing. 11) James is enjoying the audiences A LOT!12) In the past week, this band has delivered to all audiences great (Rock Am Ring, 78,000) and small (today's first show, La Boule Noire, 450)...agreed, when it comes to the best of the day, you'd have to say Le Bataclan was the full-on twister-rager, but even when tired and pushing their limits, Metallica still do the job.When you revisit Lars' sponsor section for issue 10.1, you realize just what a huge feat that is.Wow, that's a lot of detail really...maybe I won't NEED to update tommorrow now...there is, after all, a magazine to do, right?Steffan ChiraziSo What! Editor