May 29 - post 2

Sitting in the lobby of our hotel in London, trying to get some kewl pics up for you. We arrived around noon in London and met up with James & Kirk at Top Of The Pops studio for some rehearsals for tonight's recording. As far as I can "hear", it will be good fun. Right after rehearsals I left with James & Lars for a radio interview. Straight back to the hotel after that to meet up with Kerrang magazine. Kerrang brought some contest winners that got to interview the band. After the "interview" one of the winners gave Lars his cellphone and wondered if he could talk to his friend, that has been outside the hotel for hours just to get a glimpse of the guys. Not only did Lars talk to his buddy, he also invited him up to the room to hang out for a little bit. The guy, Clive, said "My friends are never going to believe me". "Well then we just have to put your face up on the website", replied Lars. That's right CLIVE, your buddies better believe you now! Check out the latest pic for proof :)