May 26 - post 1

Right now the band is doing an interview at their hotel with German TV. The first show on the European Festival Tour is the Rock Im Park show on June 6th, the band had the following to say:- "The beginning of a tour is always exciting, it should be a lot of fun and I know I am looking forward to it" said Kirk. - "I think the most special thing is having Rob up there in one of his first REAL exposure to the public with Metallica. We did San Quentin, which was a "captive audience" (laughter) and the Club gig was mostly Fanclub members and contest winners. This is going to be the first time for Rob to really reach out and also for people to let Rob know how much they appreciate him being part of the family and cheer him on." was James' feeling on it all. What does it mean to be on a promo-tour with Metallica you ask? Basically going from room to room at a hotel, being asked the same questions over and over, and then jump on a plane to got to a different country, a different hotel and have the same questions asked, but with a different English accent. In all seriousness, I feel that it is a very good thing for the band to do a tour without necessary playing any shows. They get to spend a lot of time together and at nighttime go out and enjoy themselves. I believe we will have a "listening party" tonight, with fans attending and this could be very cool. I will give you guys the scoop later on...MOT