May 20 post 5

FILLMORE…NIGHT TWO: PART 1Wow, it’s turnin’ into one big shindig here. Friends everywhere (and I mean everywhere, from the front of the stage to the back of the balcony, there are faces we know and people we’ve seen and friends and people we know but can’t remember and people we know we’ve seen and who we remember, all of that and more!But I digress, so back to business and first things first…I read someone ask last night about the whole ‘did they rehearse for this’ thing. The answer is not really. Because these are their rehearsals. That’s why there are the odd few mistakes, the occasional mishap, the sorts of things that people who are short on confidence get aggravated with, but the sorts of things that people who are happy get over quickly. It’s funny, because I’m never too sure if the guys realize the control they have over the atmosphere in a building (n.b to self, must ask them that one day) but there’s no doubt that these days the positivity is a throbbing pulse through the camp. Which also further explains why last night was so exhilarating, and why already, tonight feels even looser. Remember, last night was the first proper show they’ve played in front of the public for too long, thus their nerves and stresses were alleviated too.And this is also why they’ve been wandering around the balcony here catching up with old friends beforehand. James looks relaxed, really relaxed, at ease and enjoying the whole rigaramol of live performance again. Lars is just exuding calm confidence, Kirk is like a young garage musician again and Rob is just flowing everywhere, one fluid mover who has made a seemless transition into Metalliworld.It is (of course) a packed house again. And as the AC/DC tape plays, arms thrust in the air, it really is loud, very loud, and as the words ‘Long Way To The Top’ come blaring out I ponder them with relevance to these chaps. I don’t think, on reflection, it was for Metallica, but I’ll tell you this; it’s been a long way to here, tonight, last night and tomorrow.