May 20 post 4

PART 2 - The final piece of this jigsaw has proven to be Robert. The lynch-pin, both musically (bass, rhyhtm, right?) and spiritually (flexible, mobile, just plain Goddam nice!). Jason Newsted, the warrior and talent that he always has been, was like an iron rod. A steel pin. And with such rigidity comes drill-like precision, stiffness and resolve without laughter or happiness. Robert is that same strength pin but made of rubber, flexible, he moves with things yet holds it all like the bassist does, energy, rawness, smiles and snarls. He has majorly helped allow this band to remember what it is to enjoy shows.I’m watching ‘Blackened’ as tonight’s opener from Big Mick’s board, and these are men re-born. Cliche? Not here. The riff sounds as fresh as when it was written, because there is no longer reserve about playing the fucking thing (n.b note to self, be sure to ask them if they did, before now, feel shy about these songs).Straight into ‘No Remorse’…James is jamming hard, smiling a lot more than he ever did, and then they hit the speed break…HAHAHAHAH and people ask if these guys can still do it at this pace? Fuck THEM for asking!…and did this band ever NOT have Trujillo? And a word about Kirk…he probably suffered more than anyone when Jason left, he was hurt, his feelings stung by the departure. And now he is in the best position Kirk could be in. Surfing buddy, rhythm pig, good soul…Kirk is playing with an invigoration I doubt even he thought would’ve e been possible 18 months ago…Bob Rock ( a spiritual, and creative, Godfather to them) would be proud of them right now. Ah come on then, let’s talk about Lars. God love him. Recently he’s been getting a little tired, a,little grumpy, a little (nervous?)…but here, now, he knows for SURE that this band is rock solid, pure, tough and for real again. He’s happier, I can see it, and I can also the devil twinkling in his eyes, the man who’s on a mission to show everyone who doubted (and there were many) that they were w-r-o-n-g.