May 20 post 3

PART 3Back to tonight. The set is re-arranged (of course) some new old stuff if you know what I mean, (The Thing That Should Not Be I forgot to how heavy that song was, I think we need to play that one on the tour, thatí a yes!-JH) and while I preferred the whole roaring fuck-em-all motordeath of last night headbasher, tonight is a great example of how this band will be prepared, without any notice, to switch up their sets this Summer, to break the formula and go with whatever flow seems right. Over 40 songs to try out and fit? Nah, over 40 songs and see what you get! The way it should be. Frantic is fantastic (searching for donuts!) a crusher, a killer, an unsubtle sledgehammer. Ahhh how GOOD it feels to need to use those kranium krunching kliches again for these boys (ticktickticktock) and James is on fire with this. Cliff Em All baby, hell yes heís alive in all our hearts, he says right after the song ends, and this is something which he never used to really acknowledge even though it hurt him, never really used to express, even though he felt it. Not anymore. Now he can say it and we can say it too and we can all know it and Cliff can smile and give a thumbs up, that hook finger waving too. This a Jason vein-popper, a true measure of the manís metal. But is it worse post-Jason? Naaaaaaaaaaaaa, donít be silly, in fact itís more fluid Whiplash, a song so dusty that even the dust mites were full and had vacated that vault, is now back to being raw, abrasive, corrosive, and bloody. This is the sort of thing people have waited for for too long, the shedding of inhibitions, the desire to play these old classics again (n.b. must ask them if they were embarrassed to play this before.) Leper Messiah, another old classic and the fun simply has stopped emanating from the stage. Thatís what weíre seeing, thatís what weíre witnessing. A friend pointed out that James doesnít stay in the center, that he moves all over, that they all swap off, that there is no frontman per see, that itís all about everyone. That comes with being happy. Really. And I cannot help and reflect on how long that perhaps they werenít as happy as we all thought, as even they might have thought.