May 20 post 2

PART 4And how much do we LOVE hearing ‘Hit The Lights’ again? Hearing world famous rock stars SCREAMING ‘no life ‘til leather’ baby YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH, and a screeching Hammett solo, and a rudely healthy Ulrich pounding 25 shades of shit out of that green monster? I’ll tell you how much. A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot!And y’know what else? I kinda like watching Lars grow (back) into a cocky little bastard again up there, grimacing and gesturing before ‘Breadfan’. Somehow it seems right that he should enjoy that, enjoy being the rock star he is, always wanted to be and for a few months back there towards the end of 2001 thought he might never be again. Is this vindication for a man who got hammered by the world because he spoke up against stealing? Yes. And guess what? I don’t care what he, or anybody else says, deep down inside he’s enjoying, no reveling in the thought that he will get the chance to shove it to everyone. Again, I believe that Rob is making him work harder than ever, and I further believe that he loves being worked to fulfill potential, to be as good as he can be. And then to finish with a particularly brutal ‘Battery’? Who dared say they’re too fucking old for that fast, heavy shit? Not me brother...last words of this night to Hetfield“Thank you so much friends, you all kick ass! We’ll see ya around , thank you very much man, take care of yourselves, this is very special, Metallica loves ya, see ya…”Or is to Kirk...“Hey, thank you man, you ru...(the rest drowned out by crowd!)Naaa, must be to Rob...“Hey listen, just wanna say thanks a lot for welcoming me into The Fillmore, into your family and into Metallica…thank you…” (the rest drowned out by yelling).Who the hell am I kidding? It can only belong to one man...“I know a lot of u guys have traveled a long way, thank you, your support and loyalty kept us going, we really appreciate it, thank y....(the rest, again, drowned out by yelling).”Steffan ChiraziSo What! Editor