May 18 - post 1

Welcome to MetOnTour! The ITS Reporter is gone for a long and well deserved rest. Time for the MetOnTour reporter to start working. Well, to be honest, your ITS & MetOnTour Reporter are the same crazy person...Sooooooo it is great to be back!Let's not waste any time, what the hell are the guys doing RIGHT NOW? It is close to 3pm on Sunday May 18th and tonight the guys are inviting their friends in The Metallica Club to join them for a small intimate party at the legendary Fillmore. They have been rehearsing for the past few days, check out the pictures. Based on what I have heard during the rehearsals, we are all in for a real treat. I am on my way to the Fillmore right now to check out the venue and get my camera set up. Lots more to come....MOT (not as good as ITS?)