Dec 20 post 1

Damn, 18 months just flew by, it felt just like...18 months! The Madly In Anger With The World 2003 - 2004 has now been over for a few weeks, and it is time to say Goodbye! <p>The last video from the tour has now been posted, from the boys hometown show in San Jose. I know it has taken awhile to finish up all the vids, but keep in mind we had a few 45 minute long videos at the end! This one from San Jose is not that bad, over 22 minutes long with footage including some more interviews with crew guys, saying goodbye to their cool guests Godsmack, exclusive jam of Shortest Straw in the tuning room, Disposable Heroes live plus extra Boring Bonus MOT Babble. <p>The boys have been all over the world on this tour including Europe one hundred times, USA a few times, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. They did everything from prisons, small clubs, to 90 000+ at large stadiums. The coolest thing though, is that so have YOU, together with your friend MetOnTour. 1000's of photos from this tour alone, videos from most of the shows, plus footage of the boys hanging out both at the venue, and on days off. I think these 18 months have been the best 18 months in the life of this website. ALL BECAUSE YOU GUYS GIVE A SHIT AND KEEP ON COMING BACK!!!...O yeah, plus four other cool peeps, let's not forget about them. <p>Take care, be safe. Who knows? One day this Silly Little Website might be breathing some fresh Metallicair again...Until then, surf's up, Pura Vida...MetOnTour.