Nov 27 - post 3

Backstage here in Anaheim we had a lot of rockers, and then some real ones too. Bob Rock was actually in town, and the band was really happy to see him and get a chance to catch up on things again. I also noticed members of Slipknot, System of a Down, Jerry Cantrell, Satyricon and I am sure I missed a few hiding under some cool hats! I got an email from a diehard fan that just got home from the show, and I decided to rip him off and post his email here (sorry D.A.N): "Another blistering set, though it was a little heavy on The Black Album. 'Disposable Heroes' sounded especially potent this evening... the riffs seems to slice through the air at a frantic pace. It was nice to hear a loud Southern California crowd for once... sometimes SoCal can be a little on the spoiled side... but it seems that everybody was extremely stoked to be seeing The Mighty Met for the first time in Anaheim in what seems like forever. T-Minus One Gig and Counting."Anything special about tomorrows show? You mean except that it is the last show on this 19 months long tour? Or that it is the bands hometown? WOOOOHOOOOOOO