Nov 27 post 1

Anaheim, about an hour outside Los Angeles, but yet close enough to make the production crew go insane…Yes, it is about that time, we have a big guest list tonight. To make things even crazier we also have a contest, kind of a gig before the gig thing. Don’t worry, I will keep everyone updated.<p>Dan the Man gave me some interesting trivia about the show here in Anaheim. The last time Metallica played Anaheim was November 9, 1986 at a small club called Jezabelle's. This was Jason Newsted's second gig with the band. Before that, the only time Metallica played Anaheim were 7 shows in 1982. One of those 1982 was an extremely important show. <p>You see... the March 14, 1982 gig at Radio City was the very FIRST Metallica gig EVER. Anaheim was the birthplace of Metallica in a live setting. Also, funny enough, this is the very first time Metallica is playing an arena in Anaheim as every other show they played in the city were in clubs. A lot of Metallica history flowing in this city... let's see if they make any more history tonight. (Thanks to Dan for the trivia)<p>Trying to give you guys some regular updates from Anaheim, but as this is the last few shows, I am working on doing some crew interviews and other surprises. More to come later. MOT