Nov 26 post 1

The bullshit stops here! Lets cut to the chase and get some real answers. Welcome to the Madly In Anger With The CREW. This is your chance to ask questions to the people that made it all happen, the hard working crew that do everything from building the stage, making sure the noise level is HIGH, the stage looks good, blowing up shit, tuning the guitars, making food for the boys and whatever else you can or can't imagine. <p>Second roll out include our good crew friends Mike Pro Tools, Lee, Flemming, Big Mick and STIV <p>Mike "Pro Tools" - The man recording & mixing downloads <p>Lee - Production Coordinator and Setlist King <p>Flemming - Lars' Drumtech since 1985, also from Copenhagen, Denmark, just like his boss. <p>Big Mick - Sound Geezer, the legend, recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the band. <p>STIV - Lars' 24 hour/day personal assistant and according to some rumours, Lars' brother! <p>Post your questions on the message board to these lovely bunch of people. You have until Saturday, Nov 26th at 12pm, (noon) PST time. <p>Enjoy