Nov 24 - post 4

I am not going to start this post by saying that we only have two shows to go, but hey, the fucking energy and the excitment for these last shows in California is huge. Not only is every show sold out here, but I have not seen so many people traveling from far away for these specific shows. I mentioned earlier that I met people from Japan, but as the night goes by I meet fans from Mexico, England, Germany, and not to forget from all over the US too.<P>We had a lot of friends and family backstage, today was the first time I had the big honor of meeting Super-Mini-Trujillio, a beautiful little kid. "Hey man, he looks just like you Rob", said Kirk to Rob when he met the little angel the first time...No shit Kirk :)</P><P>As I have mentioned many times before, you know the show is going to be great when the jokes are flying in the tuning room before the show. The boys were in the middle of jammin on some classic Rainbow songs when our tour manager Rex reminded them that it was five minutes to show time. Alright, let's kick in to some Blackened and start the intro tape.</P><P>If you are "only" looking at the setlist, the show here in San Diego might not look like something very special, but I tell you, when you saw the guys looking around inside the venue, there was not a empty seat in the house. This was a very special show, the people that were here, you could tell they really wanted to be here! They did not want to go to any show, they wanted fucking Metallica, and fucking Metallica they got. Surprise of the night - Last Caress.</P><P>Happy Thanksgiving all my friends out there, and everyone else too.....MOT</P>