Nov 23 post 2

The bullshit stops here! Lets cut to the chase and get some real answers. Welcome to the Madly In Anger With The CREW. This is your chance to ask questions to the people that made it all happen, the hard working crew that do everything from building the stage, making sure the noise level is HIGH, the stage looks good, blowing up shit, tuning the guitars, making food for the boys and whatever else you can or can't imagine. <p>First out we have Reid, Chris, Scott, That Guy Butch, Foster and our own Chubby. <p>Reid - Pyro King<p>Chris - Sound department, Paul's assistant, deals with the bands in-ears, what the band hears during the show, if something goes wrong Chris will talk to the band about it. <p>Scott - Sound Department, Big Mick's assistant and right man hand during the show, sets up the sound system set up for the building. <p>Butch - Lighting Director, the man that makes it all look good, <p>Foster - Dressing Room Assistant, Feeding the boys<p>Chubby - Venue Security, the man that makes every show a secure and fun place <p>Head on over to the message board and post your question to these lovely bunch of people. You have until Weds, Nov 24th at 12pm, (noon) PST time. <p>Round two coming up soon! Stay tuned!