Nov 23 post 1

What time is it? You know what time it is! Time for another three videos of course! We did a few shows in Florida a couple of weeks ago, great shows, and then some great moments captured both backstage and on stage. <p>Would you really ask Lars for suggestions what to name your kid? This very brave fan did just that in Tampa. <p>Then when we hit Jacksonville, our good friend and guitar tech for Kirk, gave us an exclusive tour of the "underworld". Another good buddy Steffan flew to the same city to get an indepth interview with each band guy. We have a snippet of the one he did with Kirk. How about the Jungle Essence Bad Ass Bass Solo! <p>In Pensacola our crazy lighting chief aka "That Guy Butch" make a few appearances, and then the new singer Kirk tries to remember & sing the lyrics to Seek and Destroy, maybe he just did that, Destroy. The Call Of Ktulu has not been played in it's entirety since February 7, 1985 (aside from the S&M shows, and rehearsing for those shows), in Pensacola that was about to change. We have the backstage rehearsal for you. Live on stage, For Whom The Bell Tolls. <p>To answer your next question, the Nov 6th show will be coming later tonight, don't worry, don't do anything I would not do....MOT <p>PS: The time is 2:30 PM in San Diego, CA