Nov 22 post 3

As I previously mentioned when I got off the bus earlier today and walked in to the hotel, I knew that I had been here not too long ago. Well, when I realized that "not too long ago" was actually about a year ago, then it once again hit me how fast this tour has gone by. <p>So here we are, backstage at the E Center Arena in Salt Lake City, another 2 hour +, sold out show just finished. The guys had to mess around with the setlist a little bit extra, as the true Salt Lake City fans were at the show last year. Lars was still struggling with the list up until 5 minutes before show time, he got so desperate that he even asked MetOnTour for input, not that he listened to the suggestion... <p>The Memory Remains,The Unforgiven, Leper Messiah, The God That Failed and Stone Cold Crazy were some of the more unusual played here tonight. <p>I saw something you did not, I saw the guys act!! Well, you will probably one day to....OHHHH NOOOOOOO <p>3 to go??? <p>MOT