Nov 22 post 2

Metallica in a movie? Well, according to James before starting Sad But True here at the E Center in Salt Lake City, he told everyone in the crowd to smile, as they might have a small part in an upcoming movie, that they were shooting at the show. Please note that this is not a Metallica movie (they already have the SKOM), but they might make a quick cameo in some movie. James mentioned that the movie is called the Darwin Awards (working title only!). When we get more info, you will get more info, for now, this is what James told us.... <p>This was a great fucking day, the vibe was amazing backstage, the band was messing with eachother, and guess what, I got it all on video, will be a great laugh when you see it...We will have some laughs coming your way a little earlier though. After the show, I am jumping on a nice long bus ride to San Diego. When I get there, I will have not only one, but maybe even two or three new vids...YEAHHHHHHH <p>Photos on the way, and more shit too!