Nov 18 post 2

Had enough videos in one day? Too bad for you, here are two more. The last two shows in Canada on the last leg was in Hamilton and London, Ontario. <p>The fans were SCREEAMING outside preparing for the show in Hamilton. Inside, we had a lucky fan win a contest to interview Rob. Just before show the band had some Whiskey in the tuning room, of course the handy little silly website was there to capture it all! <p>Then the next day the band played London, ON for the first time. If you asked the fans outside (of course we did) they said this was Metallica's 23rd anniversary show, we had to confirm this with Lars, and what did he have to say? We followed the tricky task of writing a setlist, and then handing it over, in a very special way. For the first time on MetOnTour, Kirk's Guitar Doodle!