Nov 17 post 3

Right after Sandman, Kirk asked his guitar tech Justin, "When are they going to do me?" Justin's reply, "What do you mean do you? Your birthday is not until tomorrow." Kirk's reply, "That doesn't apply around here." Your right Kirk, that does not apply around here. Right after Seek And Destroy, the band, everyone in the crew, Kirk's wife, everybody else's wife, and their grandma was up on stage pie-ing Kirk. Our beloved Zach took charge and was the first one to pie him. After the show, Kirk rushed into the dressing room to take a shower, but before entering he said with a smile, "Payback is a bitch. Everyone that I pied throughout the year just got me back."<p>Setlist, yes there was one! And it is up for your viewing pleasure! Photos will also be up soon for your viewing pleasure as well. <p>We have the next 2 days off, and that means it's time to go and hide in the video editing dungeon. Speak soon Mutha Fuckers! MOT