Nov 13 post 1

Yes, I know this is the Madly In Anger With The World Tour and not the And Justice For All tour. BUT this is your chance to ask questions to a legend within the Metallica camp, a person that is a huge part of Metallica history. Please welcome TONY SMITH, Metallica Tour Manager for many years. This English geezer was hired before the start of the And Justice For All tour, he has done everything from personal assistant, assistant tour manager, tour manager, you name it and he has done it. He was also responsable for starting the official fanclub in 1993, and also the person that made sure the MetOnTour website did not stay a dream, but a reality. He left the camp in 2000 to spend time with his family. <p>Tony has done very few interviews through out the years, so I was extremly happy when he said he was up for answering a few questions. Start posting you questions on the message board in the official topic, you only have another 5 hours, the cut off time is 6PM EST today, November 13th!