Nov 11 - post 1

Here I am, it is raining like bloody hell outside, but I am warm, dry and in a fine, fine mood, capuchino in hand, yakking with some new buddies I made in the last few hours...what? Has the swede lost his mind you ask? Let me explain...Kirk and Rob decided to have a day off in Cocoa Beach, FL to hang with some amazing surfers and get in the water too. This would be a good day to get some different kind of "day off" stuff, that you guys don't get to see too often. It all sounded good, until we got to Cocoa and the weather sucked, too windy killing any good waves that might show up on the horizon. They did get a few rides, and I did get some cool photos, plus there will be a story about surfing in one of the upcoming So What! magazine issues. I would be updating you from Nashville, but I am not in Nashville, as I decided to stop off in Atlanta and hang at the Starbucks 'cos it's so cool! (translation: flight delay!) No, I will not miss the show, but I thought I give you guys a quick heads up, why you don't have an update from Nashville yet. Here is your update from Atlanta instead :) Plus that this is my chance to went...See ya...MOT