Nov 8 - post 2

Throw a drink, pay the price. Not even a cup-chuckin' dope can stop Metallica. Put your drink in your mouth, put your hands in the air, and enjoy the show. During For Whom The Bell Tolls someone threw a cup on James, so he had to stop for about 30 seconds, and then of course on with the show! Other than that idiot, the rest of the crowd were LOUD. "Yes, the crowd was so into it", said Kirk to his surfer friend Sean, right after the show. "We had such a good time tonight", he continued. <p>Setlist did get a little shake up tonight here in Jacksonville. Biggest surprise of the night was definitely Motorbreath, and then the boys also delivered Harvester of Sorrow, I Disappear, Wherever I May Roam among others. <p>Florida, we are having some fun, and the fun will continue....<p>FUN NOTE #1: Earlier during the day, when I walked in to the tuning room, there was this little kid behind the drums rocking out. "Hey, meet Lars", said Lars to me. Say what? To make a long story short...David Wells, famous baseball player, is a huge Metallica fan, and actually named his son after Lars. "Not only is he an amazing baseball player, he is also amazing at picking names for his children", was Lars comment when I asked him... <p>FUN NOTE #2: Kirk has been in heaven this past two shows. He got to meet one of his heroes, Paul Chapman, legendary guitar player for the band UFO.