Nov 6 - post 4

The Memory Remains, Turn The Page, Dirty Window and King Nothing. Enough reasons for ya? If not, then lets add a few grains of loud crowd plus a grain of pie..on stage that is! Happy 1 year anniversary Chad, a great addition to the MetalliFamily. "This is the first time I have ever seen Metallica, and I am fucking impressed", said Patrick Johansson drummer for guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteens band. Patrick got a chance to speak to his fellow drum college Lars before the show, and sent his greetings from Yngwie, that was not able to attend the show. Time flies by when you forget to check what time it is..and it is getting late for me, I am on my way to Jacksonville for a day off. I am working on capturing some cool shit for you guys tomorrow, we will see how it goes...Who said 12 to go??