Nov 5 post 3

Goodnight, and WAKE UP...We have two new videos for you! The boys did two nights in Quebec City, and we all the fun & the boring stuff covered. First night covers all sides, outside, inside, backstage, on stage. The fans outside, the fans inside, the band inside hanging with the fans, on stage playing for the fans. As you have seen and heard by now, writing the setlist can be a challenge in itself. Our good buddy Lars made sure to have some fun with the setlist in Quebec too. To finish it off, Holier Than Thou. <p>The second night in Quebec, the fun continued. We had too much metal in the tuning room, all the power went out. Lars fucked up and forgot to put Sad But True on the setlist, 10 minutes before show time. He was really psyked about the setlist, but he still had to drop one song to put Sad But True on there. You will also get a chance to check out Wasting My Hate, that they rehearsed backstage.