Nov 5 - post 2

The stage is not that wide James! During St. Anger, James took one step too much, and then had to jump off by the barricade and then jam, to try to get up again. He played it off pretty well, so I don't know how many people noticed, but I did :) Aside from that side-steppin, the show was a pretty good one for being the first after a break. Normally it does take a few shows to get back in to the groove, maybe the heat made them get right back on track. The setlist here in Tampa, was similar to what we have seen and heard lately. The Unforgiven, The God That Failed and Disposable Heroes have stayed on the list recently, songs we have not heard in a while, prior that this tour that is.Second Florida show coming up tomorrow in Ft. Lauderdale. Also, don't go to bed yet, we will have a video for promised :)