Oct 28 post 3

23 years anniversary at the show here in London, ON? Well, it depends who you ask. The one I decided to ask was Lars and his response was a nice "I don't fucking remember". This with a glimt in his eye of course. "It could very well be", he continued. When I said "Happy Anniversary", Kirk's response was "Shit, who did I forget to call". Even if we are off a few days here and there, there were banners everywhere, and it fucking feels like an anniversary, OK! <p>The boys walked off stage at their first ever London, ON show, and it was another incredible Canada show. The crowd was loud, the pyro was loud, the band was loud, and the after party is even louder! As always, the boys listen to the fans request and Harvester of Sorrow, The Four Horsemen and Fade To Black were a few of the songs that made it. I think during Damage Inc. Kirk was a little too close to the pyro, a little fire under his ass...ouch. <p>A few days off for the boys to look forward too, then it is back to business. Next business meeting is on Nov 5th in Tampa, FL, see you then!!! HUGZ...MOT