Oct 27 - post 1

"OK How the Hell did Hamilton get such a good set?!?!", wrote "MetallicaGuy1085" on the message board a few minutes after tonight's setlist was posted. Hell, I agree, it was a pretty awesome setlist. Memory Remains, Thingy, The Unforgiven, Holier, Whiskey!, Fight, Bellz and Dyers Eve, just to name a few. The good news is that this one will be available on LiveMetallica within the next few days. Today was one of those days where I asked myself, where did all the time go? I hardly remember this day, but when I check out the photos, it is all very clear...Today was a fun day. The meet & greet was a really good one, not only did the fans seem to enjoy themselves, but the band was in top form too. Tons of jokes being thrown around. "Hey man, look at this killer photo from Tahiti", said Rob with a big smile. A fan took a photo when he was on vacation in Tahiti, and in the photo he is holding up the FanClub magazine with Rob on the cover. Tahiti is one of Rob's favorite places to surf in the world. Another fun thing, that could have turned not so fun, happened in the meet & greet. This girl won a radio contest to interview Rob, and then also get a chance to say hi to the other guys. Well, she was stuck in the interview room for a long time and ended up missing out on meeting James and Kirk. She started to cry and said "This is my dream and I will never ever get a chance to meet them again". When our buddy Lars heard about this he said "Make sure she is taken care of, OK"! Said and done, before she left for the night, she got to collect her prize - Meet all four band members!A funny thing happened before For Whom the Bell Tolls. Lars grabbed Rob's bass, and started playing. Rob took the sticks and started banging on the drums. I have never seen that lineup before, good one! Just one more show, before a quick break. We are going to London, and no, not London, England, but London, ON. Speak soon...MOT