Oct 25 - post 4

Lets recap the last few hours here, the keywords are Aerosmith, Sully But True and Setlist changes...Aerosmith: Not only did we have family and friends of the local heroes Godsmack backstage, but also Tom Hamilton, bass player from another local rockband Aerosmith paid a visit. "My name is Robert Trujillo, it is an honor to meet you", said Robert when he hooked up with the legendary bass player. Tom was really a mega cool dude, and he made sure to introduce his son, that looked very excited to be at the Metallica show. Lars, James and Kirk of course wanted to check in with Tom too. Sully But True:Come on, it is your hometown, of course you have to take your chance. Sully made another guest appearance during Sad But True. I must say, that he nailed this one. "That was fucking amazing", said Sully a few minutes after walking off stage. You know what, I agree, that was pretty fucking cool!Setlist Changes:I think I saw at least 3 different versions of the setlist tonight, and you want to know the really funny thing about that? They did not even play the same songs that were on the final version. Disposable Heroes, was according to the setlist the song before last, but then we hear SO WHAT. And when it all comes down to it, So Fucking What!We are leaving Boston, the crew has a 500 mile ride to Hamilton, Canada. Hopefully the border people will be nice to us. I will speak to you tomorrow, and I will have some new vids for ya...MOT