Oct 24 - post 1

It's all about the Boston Red Sox! Boston is in a frenzy, everywhere you go people are talking about The Boston Red Sox playing in the world series. Tonights show is sold out, if nobody shows up, we know why. Cold and cloudy day in Boston, might even be the coldest day on the tour so far. The Fleet Center is located right downtown and I think inside the sun will shine. Today is the first show out of two and I think we will have some contest winners from the local radio station, that might get to get some special attention from the band. I keep you in the loop on that one. Anything else to report, you betcha...Just uploaded two new videos, Montreal and Toronto. Backstage the second night in Montreal it was all about interviews, and also some Alcoholica! We had radio stations from all over the place come in and ask our boys the good & bad & ugly questions. We got it covered for you. Unfortunately Montreal was one of those places where we were not able to stream any live footage for you, more behind the scenes crap for you! In Toronto it was more about the live stuff, and the band played The Unforgiven, the second time in North America since February 21, 1993, a rare one. Enjoy..and more to come soon..MOT