Metallica / Aarhus July 13

Woohoo! Another great show from the guys. Lars returned home to more than 50,000 fans at some obscure field outside of Aarhus - the second largest city in Denmark. Everyone was more than happy to welcome him and the rest of Metallica back to a triumphant show!<p>Opening with the classic Creeping Death, the band teared into an amazing set which included pretty much the best songs from Kill Em All, Lightning and Puppetz. We were also treated to a full performance of the title track from ...And Justice For All.<p>One of the hightlights of the show would have to be an absolutely amazing, goose bump raisin' performance of the instrumental Orion - a very fitting tribute to the late Cliff Burton, and played masterfully by Robert Trujillo.<p>Another highlight is always Master of Puppets - an instant hit with the crowd.<p>The band finished with a razor sharp version of oldies Whiplash and Seek and Destroy. After saying their thanks to a great audience, Lars gave everyone some amazing news for everyone to go home with: the band will return in 08 with a new album and a new tour. Fuck yeah! We will be waiting for you.<p>Rasmus Holmen