Welcome to the 2nd Level

Hey Y'all,<br>My name is Butch 'That Guy' Allen, and I'm here to take you to the 2nd level. What? Huh? There's another level? FOR A METALLICA FAN?<p>Well, OK-maybe I'm exaggerating. I work on the 2nd level of the front of house tower, and run the lights. Big Mick is on the ground floor of our audience based steel city, and I reside on the level above. Why? Well, for starters, the view is better. I have a wide panorama of both the stage and the audience. We all want the best view of a Metallica show don't we? My seat is the best in the house. Yup, I know how lucky I am;)<p>From my viewpoint the show takes on a completely different quality. The sight of the boys and all the fans giving every all they have to give is fan-f@#king-tastic....swirling pits, clouds of dust, fists pumping in unison, people singing along, air guitar heroes, shadow drummers, gimme a 'HUUH!' (Robert's end of show salute). All of the things that YOU add to the show are the things that breathe life into the beast.<p>That's what I see. Every night. <p>Just in case you didn't hear me the first time: Yup, I know how lucky I am;)<p>We'll chat again soon,<br>Butch