…I don't fucking believe it! That’s the only thing that comes to mind right now – I don't fucking believe it! I had a meet and greet today with the guys, nervous as hell throughout, but I had a lengthy discussion with Lars about everything under the sun. After Sandman, Lars came running across the stage to shout and roar at the fans while passing out drumsticks, and he passed by me. He recognized the t-shirt and immediately stopped. "You should've been on the other side!" he shouted as he had no more drumsticks to hand out. "Tomorrow I will be!" I shouted back… "Are you here alone?" he asked… after I said yes, next thing I know he had taken me out of the crowd and up onto the stage…!!! I was on stage with Metallica!! The crowd was cheering and then Lars then told me to stand right down in front of the stage where the stewards were to watch. Suddenly, I'm dead center in front of the stage, rocking out to a FULL Am I Evil – Afterwards, James pointed at me and said "We haven't played the full song in ages… and this guy right here knows!" It just got better and better. I went nuts to Seek and Destroy with the whole band acknowledging me throughout, and afterward, Lars then gave me the drumstick he used. I thanked all of them with devil horns, pounding fists, you name it… and they went off stage. I'm now backstage outside Jeff's production office writing this with Lars' drumstick and a setlist beside me… this has been the greatest day of my life – meeting the band, being on stage with the band, and rocking out in front of the band with nobody else around me. Lars, thank you so much, I cannot tell you how grateful I am. You are a fucking legend!!!1 show down… 8 to go!! See you tomorrow in Bilbao!!