Berlin review

From orestes on the message board: Oh what a day! What a show!! On 6.6.6 the sky bursts with neverending rain on like 20,000 Met fan, Zeus the weather God procalimed His dislike for metallica, but just after Avenged Sevenfold finished their excellent heating up, Zeus admitted his defeat to the Gods of Metal conquering the stage, rain stopped, show began... <p>Opening with motorbreath was a least surprise for a concert full of surprises, moshpit errupted, 1st times attendees there pulled off from moshpit not knowing what just hit them.After that Fuel and Wherever I may Roam came with all the rapture.Then James announced that they're playing a new song, i thought he must be kidding, new like N E W, new like never been played before!!! They ripped off through the song titled 'the new song', killer riff, Lars fierce double bass drumming, and a kirk solo, i couldn't catch any from the lyrics, but it's very auspicious! After that followed The Unforgiven and the solemnness for Master Of Puppets 20th anniversary. The whole album, the whole fucking metal bible.. The guys were extra-ordinary and enjoying every bit of it, Kirk and Rob, James who was the perfect host with his funny talk, never stopped on heating us up, and that small guy behind the drumset, well he looks like Lars, he walks and talks like Lars, but he drums like 10xLars!! WOW!!! It's my 5th met concert and never saw Lars so fierce on his drum set... <p>Show continued.The obligatory Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters, One and Enter Sandman followed.Another highlight of the show was The Ramones' Commando , with the guys from Avenged Sevenfold on backing vocals. And God knows what song was on their list as last one, cause all of us infront of stage started screaming SEEK AND DESTROY, James caught that, asked us one more time if we really wanted that, no one dissenting, they bursted into Seek with our best appreciation.. <p>The show ended, standing ovations from the fans for an extremely surprising show, the long walk home began, really hoping for seeing them next time, like Lars said, next year, with new album, new tour!!! <br>O. Braish