Feb 10 post 1

You think that YOU know best, right? YOU know way better than the guys which songs they should play, right? Now, here is your chance to let YOUR voice be heard and tell those fuckers what they should play! Get ready for 'The MetOnTour Setlist Showdown'! <P>When I heard Lars come up with the name (some of you might have seen the vid), I thought this would be awesome to try. Starting right-fucking-now YOU can vote for which songs you would like Metallica to put in their setlist on the upcoming tour. Head over to the <a href="http://www.metallicabb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=99585" target="_blank">MetOnTour Bulletin Board to cast your vote.</a> <P>After the setlist showdown is done (topic will be closed at 12PM PST (noon) on Feb 23rd) and the results will be hand delivered to the band. <P><B>PLEASE NOTE: This is a MetOnTour poll to find out what songs YOU would like Metallica to play in concert. The band may or may not use these suggestions... but hey, at least they will see what you want to hear!</B>