Feb 8 - post 1

A couple of days ago on the FanClub message board, "icemetalchick" wrote: ""I was about to go stir crazy w/ not getting my 'tallica fix (metontour video) today". Well, even though I am not Fixxxer, I will give "icemetalchick" her daily fix, a brand NEW VIDEO!Lets go back to Jan 26th, Big Day Out in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. A beautiful day, with lots of things going on backstage before the show. We had a special guest (radio contest winner) hanging out with the boys, and also was lucky enough to jam with them. Should I really have recorded the short jam of "Memory Remains"? You decide!This is what "metfan34" wrote in the topic - You direct the next MetOnTour video: - "hey i love it when bands are shown going from backstage to the stage. you know the long walk down the hallway making their way to the stage, then the lights go out and the crowds goes nuts. show the guys backstage walking up to the stage , the lights going out and them taking the stage plus the first song.. I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!" Ok, I gave it my best shot, 13 minutes of fun, DIG IT!