Feb 1 - post 1

Last show on the Big Day Out tour, we are right now in Perth at the Claremont Showgrounds. The band has been in Perth for a couple of days (flew to Perth right after the Adelaide show). Check this shit out, if you went to City Beach, right outside Perth, yesterday you would see three band members out in the water trying to surf! Yes, that's right, we had the Metallica circus invading City Beach. Normally we would have Kirk & Rob hitting the waves, but this time around James was there too. We had Jake "The Snake" Patterson as a surf instructor. I asked how James was doing, and his answer was "He got up on the first wave, and had a sick ride". NUFF SAID, GOOD ONE PAPA HET!Another Check this shit out..When the crew (and a few other bands on the BDO) flew in, we had an "interesting" experience. When we were about to land in Perth, suddenly the plane started to rise again, away from the airport. The pilot said "as you probably realise, we steared away from the airport and decided not to land. It seems like we have something malfunctioning and we are contacting the engineers right now. Hopefully we will do another try in a few minutes". That sounds fucking nice! Everyone got pretty quiet on the plane, and we all had the longest 5 minutes of our life. After 5 minutes the pilot got back on the speakers and said "We have now located the problem and everything is ok, we are now ready for a safe landing". wow...Talk to ya in a bit...MOT