Jan 28 - post 4

We're out of here, thank you Melbourne, we had a blast! Today's show at the Myer Music Bowl was also an outside show, but still almost inside, and still, very intimate. The venue reminds me of an amphitheatre in the US. In the front row, we had the Australian Clubberz. - "We should play in Australia more often" said James, and based on the response, FUCK YES THEY SHOULD. Also, the band and crew want to send out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zach Harmon, the fucking man, the president, the everything in Metallica! "Don't have your birthday on a show day", said Lars to the crowd, while Zach got pied on stage by EVERYONE, including band & crew. Right after that, the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Zach.Tomorrow is a non-show day, speak to you then.